Blog Guidelines

Keep comments on topic.
Postings that are off-topic for the discussion will be removed. Commercial advertising is off-topic and will be removed. Questions or concerns about technical or policy matters related to the blog are also off-topic –please refer these directly to the moderator.

Be civil and respect everyone’s right to his or her own opinion.
It’s not necessary that we agree on all points, but it is important to let everyone have their say. Personal attacks, insults, profanity or inflammatory speech are not allowed. Public posting of private communications is not allowed without the permission of the original author. Comments containing any of the above will be deleted.

Limit your personal information.
Remember this is a public forum. For your own safety, please do not post last names, phone numbers, screen names, email addresses or similar personal details. Use of multiple identities by the same person is not allowed. The misappropriation of another person’s real or online identity is not allowed.

St. Charles Public Library reserves the right to edit or delete comments in the event the Blog Guidelines have been violated. Persons who do not follow these rules will receive a warning. Persons who continue to disregard these rules after receiving a warning may be blocked from the discussion at the discretion of the moderator or the Library Director.

Postings on this blog reflect the views of each individual writer and do not represent opinions held by the St. Charles Public Library or the St. Charles Library Board. Persons who post to the blog give the St. Charles Public Library the right to distribute and archive their postings and give other participants in the blog the right to quote them in response. The St. Charles Public Library is not responsible for the content of the messages. Participants are solely responsible for the content of their messages.

Common Courtesy:

  • If your message reveals any surprises in a book’s ending, please include the word “Spoiler” in your subject line (to avoid spoiling the enjoyment of readers who have not finished the book).
  • Avoid Long Postings and do not include attachments or embedded images.
  • Only link to documents or media hosted elsewhere that are on-topic.
  • Please do not send messages that are meant for one person or small groups to the whole group; use personal email instead.
  • This blog is only for noncommercial use; no advertisements or solicitations, please.


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