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Listen to This!

We all have our instruments. There’re wind people who cotton to flutes, oboes, harmonicas and the like. There’re brassy folk who love the waa-waa of a trumpet or trombone. String lovers prefer guitars, violins and cellos. Ukulele and banjo lovers get their own categories.

I’ve always been drawn to the piano. It’s the Steinway of all instruments. Take a listen to these new (more or less) CDs in the collection and perhaps you, too, will fall in love with the piano.

Leon Fleisher John Medeski Michael Nyman The Art of Bach Cecile Chaminade keith

The attractive people running through the sand on the cover of “The Art of Bach” are the inspiring duo Anderson + Roe. They are fresh and talented and really fun to watch (and hear).

Billy Jean may not be my lover, but this video is:

And finally, because the daffodils are coming up, check out “It Might as Well be Spring” (track 5) from “Last Dance” by Keith Jarrett and the late, great Charlie Haden.

— Jane

The Sound of Music

The hills are alive with the Von Trapp singers! Dream a Little Dream

Yes, it’s true, Pink Martini has teamed up with the Von Trapps (the great-grandchildren of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer). Alright, alright, those aren’t the real great-grandparents but rather the actors who portrayed Captain and Maria von Trapp in The Sound of Music. The result of the collaboration is a new release called Dream a Little Dream. And it sure is dreamy!

The first track is a composition by August von Trapp called “Storm.” It’s a beautiful four-part harmony number which ebbs and flows, rises and swells as it invokes the power and awesomeness of a storm on the sea.

The remaining 14 tracks are songs from every continent with Pink Martini orchestrations providing the assured foundation to the Von Trapps tight vocal harmonization. There are several guest artists, but the most charming surely is Charmian Carr (the original Leisl in the The Sound of Music) who sings Edelweiss on the penultimate track.




Fa La La La La, La La, La, La

The weather outside is kinda frightful especially if you’re walking in this winter wonderland, but inside the decked halls of the Library, we’ve got a wide selection of holiday music sure to warm you up.

Why there’s the Robertson’s clan, bringing you Duck the Halls (CD 781.723 ROB). Why indeed.
Duck the Halls

And just when you think Susan Boyle can’t perform any more miracles she gives us Home for Christmas (CD 781.723 BOY). The first track is a duet with Elvis, the first ever posthumous recording the King has done of “O Come, All ye Faithful.”

Home For Christmas MI0003369471

More of a traditionalist?

Buon Natale Classic Christmas Album Angels sing


A Mary Christmas Christmas in My Heart Black Nativity

And finally, what blog post would be complete without providing some holiday magic from the Piano Guys on YouTube?



Music, seen

Soooo much talk about the “Music Scene” these days.

“CDs are dead.” (Not yet!)

“The Internet has killed the music industry.” (Not killed, but rather changed the industry.)

“No one even listens to music anymore.” (That’s just patently false.) Of course we listen!

Which brings me to YouTube. YouTube is today’s turntable. Those who were teenagers at some point between 1950-1980 had 2 choices for recorded music–vinyl or radio. Sometimes simultaneously if the spirit moved us. But that was then and now it’s YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Pandora–lots of choices.

The great thing about the expanded universe is that you can find more than you ever even knew existed. The bad thing is there’s a lot of dreck. The good thing is it’s instant gratification (almost) and usually free. The bad thing is you can’t watch YouTube and clean your room at the same time. The good thing is you can listen to a CD or an iPod and get your chores done.

So here’s my recommendation for getting your chores done: Check out these CDs,

Pitch Perfect Sapphires In A World Like This

then rest awhile with a screen and watch this YouTube sensation, Kurt Hugo Schneider.