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Outstanding Websites

Library Journal published an article recently highlighting “ten outstanding websites into which you can place your trust.” Here are four of those websites that are “Good 2 Know” about.

airnowAirNow allows you to enter your zip code or state to find color-coded maps that rate local air quality. Find today’s forecast, tomorrow’s forecast and the air quality index. AirNow was developed by EPA, NOAA, National Park Service and other local and state agencies to provide easy access to national air quality information.

nutritiondataNutrition Data was launched in 2003 “to provide the most accurate and comprehensive nutrition analysis available, and to make it accessible and understandable to all.” Learn how to read food labels, compare the nutritional content of foods, and analyze recipes. A daily needs calculator calculates the number of calories you burn and your body mass index. You can also generate a list of foods based upon special needs, such as low sodium, high in protein, etc.

weathersparkWeatherSpark is a new weather website that provides interactive graphs that provide current weather information for 4,000 weather stations around the world. Hour-by-hour graphs present data in an easy-to-read format. You can also obtain historical information.

usgs USGS Earthquakes is a product of the U.S. Geological Survey. Use it to identify the location of the latest earthquakes worldwide and find out magnitude and intensity. The USGS locates about 50 earthquakes each day. The site includes a great deal of historical and real-time information.

How to Give Wisely

There are thousands of charities that spend time and money soliciting donations. How do you make informed decisions on which organizations to support?

A good place to start your investigation is with Charity Navigator, which evaluates charities on their finances, accountability and transparency. The home page states that Charity Navigator is “your guide to intelligent giving.” looks for well-run but underfunded charities. Its tag line is “real change for your dollar.” Their top-rated charities are “evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted, and underfunded.” is run by the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance. “seeks to assist donors in making informed judgments about those that solicit their support.”’s mission is to gather and disseminate information about every IRS-registered 501 (c)(3). GuideStar does not evaluate charities but rather it provides as much information as it can find so you can make the best decision possible.

For more info on wise donating look here.